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Project Semai is a survey of smallholders across different food crops, livestock, and aquaculture subsectors in Malaysia. This survey is a part of Khazanah’s efforts under the Food and Energy Security theme in Dana Impak to understand the challenges faced by Malaysian smallholders.

Dana Impak

is a key pillar under Khazanah’s Advancing Malaysia Strategy to increase Malaysia’s economic competitiveness and build national resilience. Dana Impak seeks to deliver socioeconomic benefits and impact to the Rakyat across six (6) themes based on issues and challenges facing the nation, including Digital Society and Technology, Quality Health and Education for all, Decent Work and Social Mobility, Food and Energy Security, Building Climate Resilience and Competing in Global Markets.


Semai, a Malay word that means "to sow" or "to plant the seeds" embodies Khazanah's vision and commitment to empowering Malaysian smallholders.”


With Project Semai, Khazanah aims to sow the seeds of change by bridging the gap between smallholders and the challenges they face. We hope by making this data and report public, together with players in this industry, we can unlock the potential of smallholders across the nation and create a brighter future for them to prosper.

The survey was executed by

Think City

with our local regional coordinators,

Penang Institute

(Northern Semenanjung),

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin

(Eastern Semenanjung),

Universiti Putra Malaysia

(Central and Southern Semenanjung),

Owl and Badger Research


Universiti Malaysia Sarawak



Agridata Portal


Khazanah Research Institute

also supported this survey.

Number of Smallholders Surveyed

A total of 3300 smallholders were surveyed, covering 2100 crops smallholders, 816 livestock smallholders, and 702 aquaculture smallholders.

distribution map of respondents by location


This section outlines the survey methodology adopted in Project Semai. Findings from Project Semai are limited to better understanding the challenges faced by smallholders in different agriculture subsectors.

Explore The Data

In this data visualization section, we share Project Semai’s survey questions and key findings in the Crops, Livestock, and Aquaculture subsectors. This tool allows you to understand the background of smallholders, their key challenges, and their future perspective in greater detail.

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